How to determine if you need a VA 

If you are confused by colleagues you have heard discussing contracting a Virtual Assistant (VA) and would like to know more, keep reading...

Scenario:  Your desk is piled high with unanswered correspondence, your appointment book consists of things written on scraps of paper scattered in various are having to determine who needs to see you and when, what deadline is fast approaching, which client needs what when, customer events, trying to weave your way through this newest thing called Social Media and SEO - Internet Marketing, paying a fortune for someone to write or proof promotional copy or articles, trying to figure out which online sites would reach your target audience the most effectively (or much worse, trying to do those things yourself), maintaining an online presence while also juggling home schedules and needs. Throughout all of the confusion and clutter you are also trying to contact potential clients or customers and dealing with the more pressing things that will generate money.

If this sounds like you?? STOP!!

You are not all of those things and that is not what you went into business for! You cannot keep the pace without something suffering, typically the "gaining clients" end gets put last. Who has time to network and focus on client building when the mundane everyday tasks are eating up most of your time? The end result is a frustrated business owner who isn't getting in the red anytime soon.

A good VA can help with all of those things in half the time, releasing you to get back to doing what you do best - making money!
VAs are contracted by hours required. We do not have the distractions of an office nor the various interruptions that tend to break momentum and as such, we can typically do the same work in half the time! This saves businesses about 50% off their bottom line. No employment taxes, fed/state taxes, social security, Medicare, vacation time, sick time, 401k, health coverage, office space - equipment-supplies or workman's comp required. You get the idea...

Once you determine it's time to get with the modern age, be very careful in your selection. Make sure the VA you choose is a licensed business owner - showing their dedication to their profession. References are another thing you just cannot go without on this one. Anyone can claim to be a VA - but a LEGIT one will be able to offer these things. If the VA you wish to contract refuses to sign 1) a basic contract AND 2) non-disclosure agreement - MOVE ON! A true VA values not only their own reputation but that of their clients.

Lastly, for now, two VERY IMPORTANT things to keep in mind when considering contracting a VA to assist you is this:

1)  We are not employees, we are contracted as partners/associates - we are a business same as you. Treating a VA like an employee is grounds for terminating the contract or deciding not renewing it.

2)  If you are not ready to turn over some trust and control ... you are not ready for a VA. Micro-managing defeats the purpose of having a VA. It merely gives you one more person to watch over and it tends to frustrate the VA. Trust our experience and knowledge to get the job done. Do NOT contract one until you can find one you can trust (again references are vital). Not that you will turn over every aspect of your company, but what you do entrust to us sacred.

There is an adjustment period for both the client and VA in order for each to become more familiar with expectations and methods preferred. Once this period is over you will wonder why you didn't do this sooner! Stand by to ENJOY being a business owner again! You are now able to tend to more important issues such as client relations and building!

I hope this makes it a bit easier for you to determine the value a good VA will offer  to you and your business.

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