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 "Top 25 Women to Watch in 2010"

     "Deb's story is inspiring to all women who find themselves in a position to recreate their career in order to support their family. As a stay at home mom with two young children, Deb was hit with the news that her husband had cancer. She had to find a way to generate income while maintaining the flexibility she needed to take care of her kids, husband, and father. Her 20 years of experience in television did not provide that opportunity. While brainstorming a business that would allow her to use her time wisely, Deb realized exactly what so many women need an assistant to help make life easier. In response, she founded Virtual Reality, a company that offers a wide range of services to help professionals take care of time-consuming details. Deb was told she could never start a business without capital, but against the odds, she did it! This is truly a woman and business to watch!"
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