"Rhino Moon Captioning started working with Debra in early 2010 and it has been a great experience. I've been able to hand over some marketing and research tasks and things have been running very smoothly. I recommend this service to any busy professional!"

John Erskine
CEO, Rhino Moon Captioning
July 2010

"We are up and running, thanks to Virtual Reality! Debra Gorham has taken us from scratch to a well-constructed Web page that exceeded our expectations. We are now on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. They do it all.  5 stars!!"

Dr. Jerry Schonfeld
Schonfeld Dentistry

July 2010

“Debra is very dedicated to her clients. She always finds time to help you with any problem you encounter giving suggestions and showing you the how to's. You never feel alone when Debra is working with you. She goes beyond her job description to make sure you get the best care you need for any project.”

Anita Horn-Stevens
Author of "Soft Whispers of a Child"
hired Debra as a Career Coach in 2009
July 2010

"Debra and I met at function sponsored by the City of Chesapeake. During that initial meeting of introductions we began to discuss ideas about a fundraising event for the nonprofit reentry program, A Place of New Beginnings, of which I am the director. The discussion began with a seed, which Debra watered with creative ideas and enthusiasm. From that meeting Debra offered her services to assist me through the development as well as the presentation of the event to the community. The result… a huge success!
Debra provided inspiration through the process. She was encouraging and thoughtful. At the point that the benefit needed some public attention to promote success, she offered her expertise to pave the way.
Through out development of the event, which became entitled Tour of Italy Challenge, Debra was always prompt in returning phone calls and emails. She shared her expertise, wisdom and encouragement. Debra provided an excellent service which was very helpful."

Marianne Chaulk
Director, A Place of New Beginnings
July 2010

"Debra has 19 years media experience and as such, was asked if she could look over a brief ad we had for YouTube and offer any suggestions she may have. She was very enthusiastic and so gracious in agreeing to help me with some marketing ideas for my business, Squeekyclean. Within just a couple of days, she had ideas on how to zip our ads up and looked in to the possibility of a TV commercial for the future. She is very creative, quick to respond, professional and very positive minded. I would recommend using her consulting and marketing services – especially if you need something new and creative. She brought my logo to life!"

Lou Spellos
Squeeyclean – Va Beach, VA (757-343-4030)
April 2010

“Work with Debra Gorham - PERIOD! As President and founder of Virtual Reality - Debra has positioned herself excellently as a business executive's right-hand person. With her "virtual office" she literally can take over every detail of running a business that an owner simply does not have time to do. Need to send an email blast or direct-mail campaign but can't iron out the details because you have to meet with clients? Debra can do it. A long and exhaustive list of errands? Debra can do it. Return 50 phone messages before Friday? Debra can do it. Anything you can think of to make life easier for a busy executive or business owner - Debra can do it. Not only that - she does it well, she does it timely and she does it professionally. It is a win - win - win situation. She helps you, she helps your clients, she helps your business. I simply do not have anything but positive things to say about Debra Gorham and Virtual Reality. Once you use her, and find yourself more able to concentrate on your core competencies, you will wonder how you ever worked without her.” August 21, 2009

Vincent Schilling
Freelance Photojournalist and Award-Winning Book Author, Indian Country Today, Mix Magazine, Book Publishing Company

"Debbie has been working for me as a virtual assistant since March 2009 and I couldn't be more pleased with her work. I had been considering hiring a VA for quite some time to ease my increasing and burdensome load of administrative tasks (such as making phone calls and writing/sending e-mails, press releases, and event announcements) so I could focus on the money-making and business-building aspects of my business. I had never worked with a VA before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The first time Debbie sat down with me to review my needs, she seemed professional and intelligent. She picked up easily on what I was telling her and took copious notes. The very first week of her taking on assignments lifted a large amount of time and "loose ends" off my plate and were done with a clear understanding of what I wanted and needed. She was prompt and efficient, yet accurate. Debbie was also willing to make suggestions for things I might not have thought about but she felt might be necessary, important, or more effective (and many of which I agreed with), yet she was also willing to defer to my final decision without argument. Her work has continued to be highly professional and helpful to me in many ways."

"She has saved me many hours of time each week on the more mundane aspects of my business that, although necessary to my business, take valuable time away from serving my clients and working on marketing and product creation. With her background and local connections in broadcasting, she has been helpful in assisting with my marketing and promotion efforts as well as finding media and low-/no-cost advertising opportunities for me. As a fairly new solo business owner, I have to keep my eye on expenses. Hiring Debbie as a VA, who is an independent contractor vs. an employee, saves me the expenses and hassles of having an employee on my payroll. We communicate by phone and email, with only the occasional in-person tasks required. I highly recommend using a VA for your small business's administrative needs and hiring Debbie to fill that crucial and valuable role for your business!  I'm very satisfied. Wish I could hire her for even more hours!"

Lisa Smith - Life by Design, LLC
Virginia Beach, VA
2009 to Present

Debra has been a life saver for administrative backup support!  Her upbeat 'can-do' attitude is very refreshing."  

Missy Marcus -
mma professionalbookeepingservices, llc
Hired Debra for Administrative Services/Marketing and PR in 2008

May 22, 2009

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